Wm P Woodcock Merchant Tokens

Wm. P. Woodcock Merchant Tokens

NY 966, copper, 31mm

NY 967, brass, 31mm

NY 968, white metal, 31.2mm

     The note in SCUST states "This token rates as one of the most beautiful ever conceived for a butcher". Although many of George H.'s works seem hastily produced and not very attractive the pictorial on the obverse of this token show the engraver at his finest. These are found in copper, brass, and white metal.
     "William Palmer Woodcock was born around 1800. As a boy, he helped build the defensive trenches on Long Island during the War of 1812. I don't know how long he was a butcher in NYC, but at some point he began investing in real estate and became involved in the insurance business. He married a niece of John Jacob Astor and settled in Westchester County, New York. He died in 1892, owning all kinds of real estate in NYC and Westchester County. His grave is in Trinity Cemetery where other members of the Astor family are buried."  (This biographical information was provided by Frederick A. Woodcock, great, great, grandson of William P.)